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Head of Advocacy, Impact and Financial Partnerships

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CIRAD, the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development, works with its partners in southern countries to generate and pass on new knowledge to support agricultural development and innovation.

It has one main objective: to build sustainable farming systems for tropical and Mediterranean regions capable of feeding ten billion human beings by 2050 while preserving the environment.  



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Head of Advocacy, Impact and Financial Partnerships

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You will lead a team in charge of advocacy, targeting international institutions and R&D donors in order to secure support for scientific projects contributing to the development of tropical and Mediterranean countries.

CIRAD is a French parastatal institution known as a public industrial and commercial establishment, (in French EPIC), a status which requires CIRAD to mobilise large amounts of contractual resources to achieve its objectives while balancing its budget.

You will join the Research Impact and Marketing Service (DIMS), part of the Office of the Director General in charge of Research and Strategy, where you will lead the "Impact & donor strategy support" unit, a team of five people with its dedicated budget.

You will work closely with several other services of CIRAD: the Research and Strategy Office, the Communication Delegation, the Public Affairs Delegation, the three Scientific Departments and their research Units, and the 11 international offices positioned throughout the tropical regions. Your unit will work alongside the other two operational units of the DIMS and coordinate activities on three main pillars:

- Advocacy. You will lead CIRAD's advocacy activities on major institutional issues, targeting line ministries and strategic and financial partners. You will implement advocacy action plans, for each topic defined with the Research and Strategy Office, from establishing the strategy, plan and timetable of actions, to creating and disseminating advocacy products. You will make an active contribution to the drafting of these advocacy products, alongside scientists and support services. Based on events selected from a global international agenda, you will maintain constant dialogue with funding partners.

- Knowledge of donor strategies. Together with your team, you will oversee strategic monitoring activities and develop in-house intelligence on selected donors: strategies, financial instruments, resource persons, etc. You will support the negotiations and design of framework agreements. To facilitate informed decisions by Cirad directors, you will supervise timely analysis of CIRAD's project portfolio from a scientific, financial and geostrategic perspective.

- Promoting & deploying a culture of impact at CIRAD. In line with the advocacy strategy, your unit will help to design and to disseminate impact tools and methods to support Cirad scientific and partnership strategies through the various stages of the project cycle (set-up, monitoring and evaluation, capitalisation).

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Training & experience required
- Higher education: Master's degree, or higher
- Professional experience of around fifteen years in the development domain, in a research institution, think tank, or governmental or non-governmental organisation.
- Scientific background combined with experience in partnership relations, in international research and in development funding.
- Management experience (minimum 3 years)

Expert knowledge and abilities required
- Your scientific knowledge and background, as well as a strong awareness of CIRAD's thematic fields, will enable you to interact with research teams and their departments.
- You have experience in international negotiations with research and development decision-makers and with financial partners from developed and developing countries.
- You are aware of and able to analyse major trends in global development issues in the agricultural, environmental and climate change sectors in developing countries; you can therefore be a driving force to conduct advocacy actions with partners.
- You have excellent oral and written skills allowing you to implement advocacy actions.

Fluency in French and English is required, knowledge of another language spoken in developing countries would be an advantage.
The ability to work in a network/team and rally local support, as well as having an understanding of the broader context are essential to your mission.
You must also be autonomous and responsible, and know how to express your work and report to your superiors.

Please provide references from your previous positions in your CV.

Computer work + 4h/day

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Salaire base France, hors indemnités d'expatriation le cas échéant

37-55 K€


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Montpellier, France

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